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DV Related Trainings

Trainings on Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders: learn how to fill out the petitions, where and how to file them, and what resources are available to assist with obtaining them. Learn what the qualifications are to obtaining an Order of Protection or Restraining Order. Understand what happens after they are granted. – Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Lethality Assessments, and Safety Planning – DSS Involvement: Understand why DSS may become involved in Domestic Violence situations and best practices in working with them.

Recognizing Signs of DV Among Employees or Students

and Developing Protocols to Address It

Have you noticed an employee who appears to only be a shell of who they used to be? Are they withdrawn? Constantly calling out of work or taking leave of absences out of the ordinary? Coming to work or class wearing sunglasses or turtlenecks? It’s likely that person is in a domestic abuse relationship or experiencing some dating violence. I can help you help them. I can help you to intentionally become more aware of the signs that an employee, friend, coworker, or student is going through domestic abuse. Let me help your office or school develop and put into place appropriate protocols so that you can:

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