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Shanise Greenfield, Esq.

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Shanise Greenfield is the founding and managing member of the Greenfield Law Firm, LLC. She is originally from New York and moved to Greenville, SC in 2018. She received her B.A. in English from Dickinson College in 2007. Within a month of graduating college, she worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer for three and a half years in Harrisburg, PA. She attended law school in 2011 and received her J.D. from Hofstra Law School in 2014. She began her career as a criminal prosecutor before practicing family law.

Before she began to practice law, Shanise married her husband and gave birth to their son in 2015. Her daughter followed five years later in 2020. 

In the News

Shanise Greenfield: Local Advocate for Domestic Violence Victims - Greenville Journal

Area of Focus

Shanise now concentrates her practice in the area of family law. Primarily, she represents parties involving divorce, custody and child support actions, separate support and maintenance, property and asset division, family court mediation, orders of protection and restraining orders. She also provides Mediation and Guardian ad Litem services.

She is extremely passionate about ending the Domestic Violence (“DV”) epidemic and has spent the majority of her professional career providing support and representation to victims of DV. In addition to orders of protection and restraining order representation, she provides victim rights representation to DV victims to ensure that they are fully informed of their rights in the criminal justice system, are aware of the court process, and are provided assistance throughout the entire criminal investigation from start to finish.

She is admitted to practice in both New York and South Carolina. Prior to moving to South Carolina and starting her own law office, she began her career as an Assistant District Attorney at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office in the Domestic Violence Bureau where she prosecuted criminal defendants in DV cases. After moving to Greenville in 2018, she began working at the longstanding Domestic Violence non-profit organization Safe Harbor, where she built from scratch their Legal Advocacy Program as the Legal Program Manager and Staff Attorney. She not only managed the Legal Advocacy Program, but she also represented DV victims in a variety of family law matters such as divorces, custody and child support actions, orders of protection and restraining order hearings, and provided advocacy and victim rights representation to Safe Harbor clients.

Shanise represents her clients in a variety of Family Law matters, and she specializes in Domestic Violence Representation. Specifically, she handles Orders of Protections, Restraining Orders, and Permanent Restraining Orders. She recognizes that there is a significant need, particularly in South Carolina, for attorneys that are trauma-informed, specifically trained and knowledgeable on DV issues, and can empathize with victims of DV. Although she specializes in DV cases, she represents all clients across the board, whether they are victims of DV or not. The sensitive nature of her work has equipped her with the ability to handle any family law issues with patience and empathy.

Shanise is a trained Family Court Mediator, having successfully completed the South Carolina Supreme Court approved 40-hour certification training. She brings a unique approach to mediation as a result of her trauma-informed and de-escalation skills trainings throughout her career. She is experienced in handling high conflict cases and is dedicated to guiding the parties through a successful mediation process.

Among Shanise’s many accomplishments, she is proud to also serve as a Family Court Guardian ad Litem. She has a unique perspective that stands apart from other guardians because she is both an attorney and a mediator. She has significant experience in and a profound understanding of the multiple facets of a Family Law case. Her passion and professional experiences make her a dynamic powerhouse. She is ready and willing to give you the best representation possible in these very emotional and contentious proceedings.